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By 2021, around 435 million women and girls will be living in extreme poverty on less than .90 a day — including 47 million pushed into poverty as a result of COVID-19. Closures and mitigation measures have stopped women from earning, especially affecting the 740 million women globally with informal and precarious jobs that largely underpin the formal economy. Overall, women’s employment is 19 per cent more at risk than men’s, and while the pandemic will impact global poverty generally, women of reproductive age are disproportionately affected. Fiscal stimulus programmes must be targeted to women, for example, by expanding the reach and benefit levels of social assistance programmes such as cash transfers and social pensions. Women in the informal economy must be supported to access cash transfers or unemployment compensation, especially those without access to banking. Bailouts and support measures should include micro and small businesses, where women entrepreneurs are relatively more represented, with tax breaks for women-owned businesses and support for women’s businesses in supply chains.

Women police climb the ranks across AfricaAt 8 years of age, Sadatu Reeves came across photographs of women police officers in a magazine her father brought home from abroad. The empowered images sparked a deep-seated desire to don her own uniform.

Brazil and Sierra Leone have joined Australia, England, Norway and New Zealand in publicly committing to equal pay for women and men footballers. Globally, the gender pay gap stands at 16 per cent, meaning women workers earn an average of 84 per cent of what men earn. For women of colour, immigrant women, and women with children, the difference is even greater.

Adequate training and sensitization of those in leadership positions as well as staff were also raised as critical needs. However, Muthoni Muriu, Senior Director of International Programmes at Oxfam America cautioned, “Transforming organizational culture means examining power structures. Mandatory staff training is not enough, individual face-to-face conversations on ‘What do our values mean to you and how do you live them every day?’ need to happen as well.”


In 2015, young Thai activist Wipaphan Wongsawang, launched a project called Thaiconsent, which opens spaces for men and women to have conversations about navigating sexual interactions. The campaign called on people to distinguish between “consensual sex” and “unwanted sex,” and sparked real conversations between thousands of people.

The launch event in Beirut, Lebanon, on 4 October, brought together concerned top officials in Arab governments, representatives of the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps, the United Nations agencies and civil society organizations. Well-known Tunisian Actor Dhafer L'Abidine made a special appearance and called all parties to come together to end the normalization of violence against women in the region. See the press release»

Ondola’s case was finally settled outside of court with an agreement that granted Ondola her own property and land title, and the perpetrators had to pay fines to avoid prison sentences.


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